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Importing from Madagascar to Mauritius
13/11/2017 - Seaport, The Port, Mauritius
Problem with the request for Fumigation for importation from Madagascar. No notice received from Ministry of Health regatrding this issue. MRA Customs refused to accept the Fumigation certificate from Madagascar. Ministry of Agro refused to do Fumigation for non food items.The Private Company Hardy Henry said it is not proper to do fumigation for non food items.
No, this is the first time this happens.
Trade obstacle information
  • Other limited/inappropriate facilities, related to reported certificate/regulation
No regulation at the origin of the obstacle
Ministry of Health Request for Fumigation for goods from Madagascar
Product information
  • 720610 - Ingots, iron or non-alloy steel, of a purity of less than 99.94% iron
Additional information
We must have a clear notice from the Mnistry of Heath and the Ministry of Agro must do the fumigation or MRA Customs must accept the certificate from Madagascar
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15/11/2017   New
16/11/2017    Ongoing resolution <14d Details

Dear Sir, Thank you for reporting this obstacle on the TOAM platform and kindly note that your complaint has been validated. We will forward it to the concerned agency for remedial actions. Best Regards, The National Focal Point
16/11/2017    Ongoing resolution <14d Details

Message sent by the NFP on 16/11/2017
Dear Madam, Please find attached a reported trade obstacle falling under the purview of your Agency. We would be grateful if the necessary actions can be taken to resolve this issue. Relying on your usual collaboration. Thanks and Best Regards, The National Focal Point

Response from the competent agency on 16/11/2017
Given the outbreak of the plaque disease in Madagascar, and following a meeting held at the Ministry of Health under the Chairmanship of the Hon. Minister of Health, an in an endeavour to collaborate to prevent the entry of this disease in Mauritius, it was agreed that the National Plant Ptotection Office will proceed with fumigation of consignments, arriving from Madagascar will be fumigated upon arrival. However, the NPPO is only undertake fumigation on consignment carrying products being regulated by the NPPO,that is plant ,plant products and some other regulated agricultural products.
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