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Importing from Spain to Mauritius
22/03/2018 - Other, importing agent / MSB / consumer protection unit / customs, Mauritius
In march 2018 i have imported lamps from spain which are sold in europe (france spain etc). We now need a certificate of conform with european community safety rules. It is difficult to get it from my supplier are he is a wholesaler and his provider's name is on his certificates. In such case MSB mentions that we can send the lamps to them for testing, we need to pay 5000 rs per model of lamp and testing will take two months. I have agreed to that for the lamps for which i have no certificates. Since march 22 2018 until may 21 my agent has never been able to remove my lamps from customs to send them for testing to MSB. There seems to be no clear procedure as to whom can take the responsibility to remove the goods from customs. MSB/Consumer Protection Unit or my importing agent? For 1CBM i was requested to pay 10,000 rs already i still do not have my lamps and they have not be sent to MSB for testing. We are put in a dead end where we have to ask for destruction of goods when storage fee will become too high. My simple request is we agree that we need a safety rule for electrical goods, I agreed to pay for the testing of lamps, I agree to pay for the storage during the testing time but I cannot accept to pay 2 months (for now) of storage, and my lamps are still detained because the procedure is not ready.
No, this is the first time this happens.
Trade obstacle information
  • There is a law, regulation, certificate, license (or any other written document) behind your problem whose requirements are unnecessary strict and too difficult to comply with
National regulation: Testing
Certificate of saftey conformity for electrical goods
Product information
  • 940520 - Electric table, desk, bedside or floorstanding lamps
Additional information
Clarify the process to remove goods from customs to send them to MSB for testing Do not charge storage until lamps are sent out to MSB
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07/06/2018    Ongoing resolution <14d Details

Dear Madam, Kindly note that the current legislation is being reviewed and we expect that the procedures will become less complex post budget 2018-2019. Best Regards, The National Focal Point
07/06/2018    Solved Details

Dear Madam, Kindly note that the current legislation is being reviewed and we expect that the new procedures will be less complex. Best Regards, The National Focal Point
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