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Id Submit date Trade flow Country Location Trade obstacle Product (HS section) Last update Notifications Status
57 26/03/2018 Importing Mauritius Airport Information or transparency issue Miscellaneous manufactury 03/04/2018 -21.78 Custom is requesting for release from ministry of health for catheters / medical consumables / perfume / soap and cosmetics for both companies and individuals.Imported from any countries 0 Ongoing resolution 14-60d PEN 259 PEN1
54 15/11/2017 Importing Mauritius Seaport Limited or inappropriate facilities Metals and articles thereof 16/11/2017 -159.65 Problem with the request for Fumigation for importation from Madagascar. No notice received from Ministry of Health regatrding this issue. MRA Customs refused to accept the Fumigation certificate from Madagascar. Ministry of Agro refused to do Fumigation for non food items.The Private Company Hardy Henry said it is not proper to do fumigation for non food items. 1 Ongoing resolution >60d PEN 229 PEN2
52 23/06/2017 Importing Mauritius Seaport Regulatory problem Miscellaneous manufactury 27/12/2017 -118.76 Specifications on Invoices as per customs regulation 13(1) regarding statemet signed by the exporter to certify particulars on invoice 0 Solved SOL 222 SOL
51 29/03/2017 Importing Mauritius Airport Regulatory problem Wood, wood products and paper 20/04/2017 -369.59 The Mauritius Customs MRA is not respecting the HS classification of goods. Carton Boxes which are clearly classified in 4819.10 have to be put in 4202.9290 which has absolutely nothing to do with carton boxes, however the real classification is tax free and the HS code by the Mauritius Customs is having a tax of 30% Paper Gift Bags which are clearly classified in 4819.40 have to be put in 4823.9099 which has absolutely nothing to do with paper bags, however again the real classification is tax free and the HS code by the Mauritius Customs is having a tax of 30% Both cases are a clear revenue source for the MRA (Mauritius Revenue Authority) as they ask for a classification in a HS code with 30% Customs Duty, whereas the real classification of the products is tax free. There are a lot of other examples in the CUSTOMS TARIFF SCHEDULES (INTEGRATED TARIFF) HS VERSION 2012 With amendments to 01 October 2016, where classification of products is preferably decided on the base of tax to be paid and not on the product as specified in the schedule. The Minister of Finance banned Plastic Bags in 2016 and we have to pay for it? being charged a ridiculous 30% Customs duty and 15 % VAT on Paper Bags and Gift Cartons? The Government of Mauritius must set import standards and avoid controversy in import regulations and classification of goods, decide and amend the regulations bringing down all articles of paper to 0 rated... ...there are paper napkins as well were 30% duty applies, nobody in Mauritius produces such napkins...the consumer pays for it 0 Solved SOL 219 SOL
48 12/08/2016 Exporting Mauritius Seaport Regulatory problem Metals and articles thereof 01/11/2016 -539.93 The Cabinet of ministers of Mauritius has brought about a ban on the export of all scrap metals from Mauritus .. The decision was taken without any consultation with the exporters or with the other stakeholders in the recycling and export of metal scraps , wastes and residues industry . The decision was taken on the 15/01/16 was promulgated in march and was effective on the 30th of june 2016 .. The metal recycling and export industry exists since after world war 2 and we were until recently 13 exporters .. This affects 250 direct jobs and 2000-3000 indirect jobs of collectors, merchants, traders and lorry operators etc .. It is totally contrary to free trade, competition, export, PMEs, etc etc ..We have discussed lengthily with the Minister of Commerce and during our negotiations the Ban was implemented .. It is absolutely unfair and encourages a monopoly and blockages . This ban was on all scrap metals whether Steel, copper , aluminium and other metals was brought to favour one only steel mill operating on the island which takes only mild steel scrap . This mill is now dictating its terrible conditions to all the market . Besides this is harmful to recycling, and will encourage generation of metal pollution and eyesores like in the old past .. 1 Solved SOL 207 SOL
47 12/08/2016 Importing Mauritius Government institution Other obstacles Live animals and animal products 14/06/2017 -314.70 Request for Import Permit from local authorities not granted. 0 Solved SOL 206 SOL
46 19/07/2016 Importing South Africa Government institution Regulatory problem Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 01/11/2016 -539.92 We can't import Ice cream from Durban because the State Veterinary in South Africa refuses to issue a Health Certificate without receiving from Mauritius an import permit in which requirements to be satisfied is listed. However, authorities in Mauritius (both Minsitry of Health and Minsitry of Agriculture) do not issue import permit for Milk products. 0 Solved SOL 205 SOL
45 12/07/2016 Importing Mauritius Airport Regulatory problem Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 27/12/2017 -118.76 Ministry of Health request Date of Manufacture on food products regularly imported 0 Solved SOL 204 SOL
43 16/06/2016 Importing Mauritius Government institution Administrative burden Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 28/03/2017 -392.64 Ministry of Health request Health Certificate for products regularly imported . 0 Solved SOL 202 SOL
42 04/04/2016 Importing Mauritius Government institution Arbitrary behaviour of officials Transportation and associated equipment 16/06/2016 -677.70 Re:- Importation of Drones Cusdec-42015160030 of 22.06.15,62015216490 of 17.08.15,42015219556 of 20.08.15 42015229181 of 31.08.15,42015240835 of 11.09.15. We have cleared these consignments of Drones since June 2015 at Customs under HSCode 88022000 which is free of Customs Duty and Vat. We have determined this HS code from a letter of ICTA RefICTA/LIC/June-15-2 who clearly stated that these goods are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Drones (UAV). On our last consignment Cusdec42015261521 of 01.10.15, the Customs opinion that it should be classified as Camera HSCode 85258000 because the Drone is equipped with Camera which attract Vat at 15%. The new HS Code for Drone with camera was implemented by the end of August upon the opinion of the Tariff Unit without the community being informed. We maintain that it should be classified under HS 88022000 as drone and not camera. In the same line the customs should classified Mobile phone as Camera if ever camera attract a higher duty rate than mobile phone. We kindly request your intervention to settle this issue. 0 Solved SOL 198 SOL
41 30/03/2016 Importing Mauritius Seaport Regulatory problem Chemical products 14/06/2016 -679.81 I manufacture hair cosmetics in Mauritius. I have to import many items to produce the finished product. One item - disposable plastic glove with HSCode 39262020 - i pay 15% customs duties. This item when imported together with Hair Cosmetics HSCode 3305901, it is 0% customs duties. 0 Solved SOL 197 SOL
39 03/02/2016 Importing France Government institution Regulatory problem Vegetable products (including fats, oils and waxes) 25/02/2016 -789.88 Import of flour, delay in obtaining the import permit from Ministry of commerce 0 Solved SOL 192 SOL
38 17/12/2015 Importing Mauritius Government institution Regulatory problem Machinery, elctronic equipement and consume electronics 14/06/2017 -314.66 We are licensed as an importer of telecommunication equipment by ICTA. We have imported a consignment of mini speakers which main connection is with USB and Auxiliary but is also equipped with Bluetooth facilities. Under the custom declaration 42015145442, the custom has detained my speakers as per DR 43712 under telecommunication directive that the speaker with Bluetooth need types approval. The HS Code 851821 of the integrated custom tariff never mentioned that this item needs any requirement from any agencies. Furthermore, Bluetooth application is used in a diversity of electronic equipment such as car keys, remote control for TV, radio and other electrical appliances. Hence, why only speakers need type of approvals? Moreover, Bluetooth do not use frequencies as mobile telecommunication equipment. This decision is discriminatory because small operators who buy on open market will not be on the same level of playing field as big operators importing from manufacturers. We request the intervention of the authority to deliver our goods. 1 Ongoing resolution >60d PEN 189 PEN2
37 16/11/2015 Importing Mauritius Other Regulatory problem Vegetable products (including fats, oils and waxes) 27/12/2017 -118.75 Delay in obtaining permit 0 Solved SOL 177 SOL
36 04/11/2015 Exporting Mauritius Government institution Delay or time related problem Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 25/02/2016 -789.87 Delay for approval of export permit 0 Solved SOL 175 SOL
35 04/11/2015 Exporting Mauritius Government institution Delay or time related problem Textiles and other apparel articles 25/02/2016 -789.88 Delay for approval of COMESA certificate 0 Solved SOL 174 SOL
34 23/10/2015 Importing Mauritius Government institution Information or transparency issue Wood, wood products and paper 28/10/2015 -909.63 Upon declaration at customs for an importation of 16 pieces of rattan embroderie baskets from France for personal use. Although it is a fully finished and treated product, the customs still request a plant import permit. We have been to the Ministry at Reduit and surprise to note that the permit will take atleast 1 week. Upon application, we have to make a payment of Rs50. However, the cashier's office close at 2p.m and have to report on Monday at 9.30a.m. Firstly, importation of finished rattan artisanal should not be imposed especially when imported from European countries. Moreover, the poor service at the Ministry of Agro Industry should be revised. 0 Solved SOL 173 SOL
33 16/10/2015 Importing Mauritius Government institution Regulatory problem Plastic and rubber products 21/10/2015 -916.84 our consignment of polybags hold at customs due to GN 153 dated 06.08.2015. This law will be in force in Jan 2016 but ministry of trade already implement in Sep 2015. 0 Solved SOL 169 SOL
32 13/10/2015 Importing Mauritius Seaport Regulatory problem Plastic and rubber products 21/10/2015 -916.84 New Regulation on banning plastics bags , We have been importing plastics pouch for our export loins , but our consignment has been detained at Custom as per Government Notice 153 of 2015 . There is a misinterpretation about this new regulation between the Ministry of Environment , Custom and the Ministry of Commerce , 0 Solved SOL 168 SOL
31 09/10/2015 Exporting Mauritius Seaport Other obstacles Wood, wood products and paper 03/11/2015 -903.84 Vessel to Reunion was planned to depart on Tuesday 06.10. On Friday 02.10 morning, we are informed that departure of vessel would be delayed to Thursday 8.10. In the afternoon, we learn that the vessel will finally not come, as its routing has been changed due to berthing not available at Port Louis. All export cargo are rolled onto the following week's vessel (expected departure now set to 11.10). Client is penalized as he must partially ship his order by air in order to respect the delivery delay given to his end client. 0 Solved SOL 167 SOL
30 07/10/2015 Importing Mauritius Government institution Arbitrary behaviour of officials Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 03/03/2016 -782.68 I imported peanuts from Madagascar in April 2015, and alongside, I had done all the tests required for the importation of food items in an accredited and trustworthy laboratory ‘Institut Pasteur de Madagascar’ in Tana, to ensure that my products are in compliance with the Food Regulations 1999. However, my products were retained at customs when some Arachides were taken by officials of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life (MoH&QL) for determination of aflatoxin level. Results of analysis revealed that the samples contained 0.706 mg/kg of total aflatoxins which is not within the acceptable range. On that basis, release of my products was not granted. I, nevertheless, objected to this seizure and withholding as I was doubtful about the test done by the MoH&QL. Officials from the Ministry of Health therefore proposed to proceed with a new test after one and a half month, in which case results of the total aflatoxins level affirmed to be 0.016 mg/kg. Owing to this 0.001 mg/kg difference, I was not given release of my peanuts, although I provided the officials with a scientific research document which proves that the aflatoxin level diminishes by approximately 80% as the peanuts are used in production. To keep my production line working, I imported another container of peanuts from Madagascar in August, and again, test reports obtained from the Government Analyst Division revealed that the samples of peanuts are not in conformity. Again this time, the results from GAD was in contradiction with the results from Institut Pasteur. This has led me to again question the test being carried out by GAD, and also the way authorities of the MoH&QL are presently doing their duty. Following my request sent to you on 21.09.15 for another test from which I did not receive any reply, I am hereby writing again to follow up my appeal since I have recently received a letter from Institut Pasteur Laboratory of Madagascar which maintains the doubts that there had been an error in the analysis of the Ministry of Health. You will find attached a copy of the letter and comment from difference International expert. If two tests are in contrast, then in principle, another test should be conducted immediately, and not after one and a half month or more. Based on my experience so far, authorities from the MoH&QL are acting in ignorance and are not being comprehensible at all over this issue. My production line has not been working for the past six months 0 Solved SOL 166 SOL
28 28/09/2015 Exporting Mauritius Government institution Lack of international recognition Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 28/10/2015 -909.63 Requirements of approved 'Age Certificates' to accertain the age of RUM by the destination country. 0 Ongoing resolution - Special case NAC 164 NAC
27 16/09/2015 Importing Mauritius Other Regulatory problem Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 06/11/2015 -900.69 In view of the tax paid on production, we request that items being produced after submission of last month return could be released on the market without waiting for next month return to be submitted. Please note that at the start, it was agreed with Customs to pay tax on the number of units (fruit juice per litre) being transferred from the production unit to our warehouse undertaken during the previous month,ie, the tax for the month of August is calculated based on transfers from production to our warehouse during August and is paid within five working days from the 1st of September. But following a meeting, the customs advised us that it was not the proper way of doing it since the tax is being paid to customs after the sale of the product and were then informed that the tax should be paid to custom prior to selling the product and that we are not allowed to sell the products before settlement of the tax. The operational difficulties resulting from this decision are: (i) Since we can submit only one return per month, all items being produced between the last month return cannot be sold until we process the next month return. Hence, we should keep items produced in our store for nearly one month. This impacts on our sales and our shelf life. (ii) Keeping the products for one month in store is not feasible for us since we do not have enough storage capacity (iii) This affects our operating efficiency and impact negatively on our cash flow. Awaiting a positive feedback and response. 0 Solved SOL 163 SOL
26 16/09/2015 Importing Mauritius Other Informal or unusually high payment Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 27/12/2017 -118.75 RE: Request for amendment to determine sugar content In view of tax applied on sugar, we want to clarify and request to pay tax only on sugar being added during production. La Trobe Co Ltd, produce and market three types of fruit drinks: Coconut, Pomegranate & Lemon and Mint. These fruit drinks contain added sugar which is mixed with 100% Fruit Juice Concentrate. As per list of ingredients, we only add 80g of sugar to Coconut 1L, 102g to Pomegranate 1L and 82g to Lemon & Mint 1L flavour, but payment is based on 108.8g for Coconut, 128.6g for Pomegranate and 108.6g for Lemon & Mint. We have made a request to the Mauritius Standard Bureau to obtain a report on % of sugar added but they are unable make a distinction between sugar in the fruit juice concentrate and added sugar in their analysis. Awaiting a positive feedback. 0 Solved SOL 162 SOL
22 20/08/2015 Importing Mauritius Government institution Regulatory problem Foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco 03/11/2015 -903.84 Food Ingredient called Xanthan Gum is apparently prohibited by MOH (FIU) in Mayonnaise and Salad Cream whereas it is authorized in such categories as Cream Cheese and Yoghurt. 0 Ongoing resolution - Special case NAC 144 NAC
21 20/08/2015 Importing Mauritius Government institution Delay or time related problem Live animals and animal products 27/12/2017 -118.75 Import Permit Issues MOH Veterinary Services 0 Solved SOL 143 SOL
19 07/08/2015 Importing Mauritius Government institution Delay or time related problem Miscellaneous manufactury 30/09/2015 -937.69 Unclear Procedure for the submission of application to MSB and CAU to get Compliance Certificate from MSB for the importation of Toys 0 Solved SOL 139 SOL
18 06/08/2015 Importing Mauritius Government institution Informal or unusually high payment Textiles and other apparel articles 25/02/2016 -789.89 The fee of MUR 500 payable to customs for ruling on HS codes classification is considered unfair. 0 Solved SOL 138 SOL