Terms and conditions

By accessing the Trade Obstacles Alert (TOA) platform, users agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Users also agree to periodically review these terms and conditions and to be bound by any future modifications.

  1. The TOA platform is completely free of charge and open to all users. Some features are only available to registered users who have created an account on the platform. To obtain personal access to the platform, please create your user account.
  2. Individual data submitted by registered users within the TOA platform, whether it refers to natural or legal persons, is strictly confidential and is used exclusively for statistical purposes. Its usage by local institutions in charge of the management of the TOA platform is regulated by the national rules on privacy and data confidentiality in force in each beneficiary country.
  3. The obstacles reported on the platform are based on users’ personal opinions and views. They cannot be used as a basis to initiate dispute settlement processes within the framework of the WTO agreement nor any other framework.
  4. The national implementing partners are solely responsible for the management of the platform content and information stored therein. ITC declines any responsibility on the content of the data that are published in the platform and on the overall functioning of the TOA mechanism within the beneficiary country. ITC also declines any responsibility on any trade policy position developed using the TOA platform data.
  5. ITC is responsible for the hosting and technical maintenance of the application. Except in circumstances outside its control, ITC is responsible for ensuring the effective and timely access by users to the TOA platform.
  6. Users are responsible for any use of their account under their user ID (username) or password by any person or entity. Users are further responsible for ensuring that any use of their account complies fully with the provisions of these terms and conditions. Users are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of their user ID and their password.