Rapport de l'obstacle au commerce

Id: 52
Importation de France vers Maurice
20/06/2017 - Port maritime, Customs Compliance Section, Maurice
Specifications on Invoices as per customs regulation 13(1) regarding statemet signed by the exporter to certify particulars on invoice
Oui, il s'agit d'un problème récurrent.
Information sur l'obstacle au commerce
  • Il y a un règlement ou une procédure obligatoire dont les exigences sont trop rigoureuses ou auxquels il est difficile de se conformer
Un règlement nationale: Autres exigences techniques (veuillez spécifier)
Customs Regulation 13(1)
Information sur le produit
  • 999999 - Produits non définis ailleurs
Invoice for various products and various suppliers
Information supplémentaire
To accept genuine invoices from regular importers without the need to get certify invoice and to define new condition to accept invoice as per regulation 13 (3)
Les mises à jour de rapport
23/06/2017   Nouveau
27/06/2017    En cours de résolution <14j Détails

Dear Sir, Thank you for reporting this obstacle on the TOAM platform. The obstacle has been validated and will now be channelled to the concerned government agency for actions. Best Regards, The National Focal Point
27/12/2017    Résolu Détails

Dear User, We have been informed by the Board of Investment that a request will be sent to the Ministry of Finance to allow some flexibility from MRA Customs in the application of this provision. We are therefore considering this obstacle as being solved. Best Regards The National Focal Point
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