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Importation de Afrique du Sud vers Maurice
20/03/2019 - Institution gouvernementale, Ministry of Health Food Import Unit, Maurice
Ministry of Health does not allow import of edible organic coconut oil for some importers whereas two other companies namely Mantra and Health Solution are allowed to import edible coconut oil and are permitted by the Ministry of Health to sell it in supermarkets all over Mauritius. This is a discriminating act for the importers which are blocked and the issue is going on for almost a year now. Dr Bronner coconut oil is available everywhere as Health Solution is bringing it in illegal and they declare it as cosmetic coconut oil which doesn't need the approval of the Food Import Unit, however once it passes Customs it's sold in supermarkets as edible coconut oil and nobody minds.
Oui, il s'agit d'un problème récurrent.
Information sur l'obstacle au commerce
  • Comportement arbitraire en matière de classification et d’évaluation des produits
Un règlement nationale: Autres prohibitions ou restrictions imposées à des produits ou substances (veuillez spécifier)
Food Regulations
Information sur le produit
  • 151319 - Huile de coco et fractions, non chimiquement modifiees
Unrefined cold pressed organic coconut oil
Information supplémentaire
Do not discriminate importers and merchants, either the laws apply to everybody or nobody. We suffer loss of business
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Dear Sir, Thank you for using the TOAM platform for reporting this obstacle. Kindly note that your complaint has been approved and has been forwarded to the concerned government agency. Best Regards, The National Focal Point
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