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Importation de Malaisie vers Maurice
23/08/2021 - Maurice
There is no clear defined import permit issuance policy nor for registration of importers. I applied for an import permit which was approved and i purchased my live animals. The officer then cancelled my import permit all because they did not follow rules well at the Ministry. I almost lost my money and with much difficulty and stress i had to pay and apoky for new permit.
Information sur l'obstacle au commerce
  • Comportement arbitraire au sujet des procédures ou de règlements
Information sur le produit
  • Produits frais et produits agro-alimentaires bruts
  • 010690 - Animaux, vivants (à l'excl. des mammifères, reptiles, oiseaux, des po
Information supplémentaire
Officers to know their job and well defined procedures.
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