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Exportation de Gambie vers Etats-Unis d'Amérique
16/11/2021 - Gambie
I am asked to provide Comestic Safety Assessment Certificate for my products . No institution or lab is available in The Gambia , that can provide this certificate and it has to grind my ability to export to a standstill. I have run all over , to all institutions , and none could provide what I need.
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  • Autres types de problèmes relatifs aux installations limitées ou inappropriées
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  • Produits chimiques
I produce natural cosmetics , and package them for exports. My products are in high demand in America and Europe. I have a cottage industry , where I produce these goods and employ Gambian youth.
Information supplémentaire
The Ministry of Trade and its agencies such as the Gambia Standard Bureau should establish a lab that can conduct the necessary test and provide the Cosmetic Safety Assessment Certificate . The cosmetic sector is graduation growing in the Gambia and we have the potential to grow to international brands
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Plans are at an advanced stage to establish an accredited lab in the Gambia . According to the TGSB secured funding for equipment to establish a National Food TestingLab from the National Component of the West Africa Competitiveness Project launched on 18 December 2020. TGSB also secured funding to establish a Lighting Testing Lab under the GEF (Global Environment Facility) 6 Project, Quality Assurance Component, which the Bureau is leading. Through these two projects , The Gambia , will soon have an accredited lab.

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