Rapport de l'obstacle au commerce

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Importation de Royaume-Uni vers Gambie
10/11/2021 - Gambie
I participated as SheTrades Gambia with a business. After the training, I was ready to expand my business and commence exporting . As part of the requirement , I have registered with the Food Safety and Quality Authority of The Gambia for the past 6 months to obtain a certificate for the exports of my products. The institution promised to visit my businesses to do an audit in other to issue my business with the certificate. Up to today, my business has not been visited for the issuance of the certificate." This prevents my business from exportation, even though I have signed contracts with some customers to provide agro food products
Information sur l'obstacle au commerce
  • Retard dans la mise en œuvre des procédures ou règlements
Information sur le produit
  • Produits frais et produits agro-alimentaires bruts
Agro food products and processed food items such as Natural Tea , Herbal tea, Churrai Gerte, Chagrria , Mono etc , pepper source , fruit juice etc
Information supplémentaire
The Gambia Food Safety , should expedite the Institutional Audit , in order to issue a certificate of compliance and hygiene , which I need to move to the next stage of testing .
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To be forward to Gambia Food Authority for necessary action
17/01/2022    Résolu - Action Détails

Plans are at an advanced stage to establish an accredited lab in the Gambia . According to the TGSB secured funding for equipment to establish a National Food TestingLab from the National Component of the West Africa Competitiveness Project launched on 18 December 2020. TGSB also secured funding to establish a Lighting Testing Lab under the GEF (Global Environment Facility) 6 Project, Quality Assurance Component, which the Bureau is leading. Through these two projects , The Gambia , will soon have an accredited lab.

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