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Importation de Réunion vers Maurice
09/12/2021 - Maurice
2 Tower cranes , imported into Mauritius under ATA carnet FR1913470 & FR1913471 on 23rd DEC 2019, Registered at MRA Customs under reference 19/19 & 18/19 respectively .Renewed on 05 May 2021 and Valid until 30 Nov 2021. The 2 Cranes was imported for the Soreze Link road Project , As the said Project not yet completed and Exporting country ( Reunion ) not allowing a second renewal of the said ATA carnets . Importer have no other alternative than to pay the VAT which become payable as from 1st Dec 2021 . MRA customs is requesting the Importer to pay Interest as from the 1st day of importation which is the 23 Dec 2019.MRA customs made reference to section 21. In section 21 /4 there is mention of interest for subsection(1) whereas the consignment has been cleared under ATA carnet which refer to section 21 subsection (2), that is temporary admission issued under international convention which is an ATA carnet .
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  • Il y a un règlement ou une procédure obligatoire dont les exigences sont trop rigoureuses ou auxquels il est difficile de se conformer
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Temporary importation of 2 Tower Cranes for the Soreze Link road project .
Information supplémentaire
Wish MCCI intervene in favor of the Importer so that latter do not have to be penalized and pay interest on VAT which become payable as from 1st Dec 2021 . Delays to return back the 2 cranes to Reunion is due project not yet completed .
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Dear Sir, Thank you for using the TOAM platform for reporting this obstacle. Kindly note that your complaint has been approved and has been forwarded to the concerned government agency. Best Regards, National Focal Point
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Message du PFN le 21/12/2021
Dear Sir, Please find attached a reported trade obstacle falling under the purview of your Agency. We would be grateful if the necessary actions can be taken to resolve this issue. Relying on your usual collaboration. Thank you, Yours faithfully. The National Focal Point

Réponse de l'agence compétente le 21/12/2021
1.On 23 December 2019 two tower cranes were imported under ATA Carnet FR1913470 & FR1913471 with validity date up to 01 December 2020 and registered at Customs. Same was examined and ATA Carnets were duly endorsed. 2.Prior to expiry,Customs informed Velogic that the ATA Carnet will have to be renewed. 3.Due to closing of borders and sanitary situation both at Reunion and Mauritius the renewed ATA Carnet with reference FR-XXI-5/2005830 & FR-XXI-5/2005734 with validity up to 30 November 2021 was submitted by mail on 19 March 2021 and original copy on 05 May 2021. 5.On 11 October 2021, Velogic was informed that the renewed ATA carnet will expire and same will have to be renewed prior to 30 November 2021. 4.On 30 November 2021, Velogic informed that the ATA carnet will not be renewed and asked for the way forward. 5.On 01 December 2021, Velogic was informed that duties and taxes will have to be paid together with interest as per Section 21(4) of the Customs Act as from date of import which is 23 December 2019. 6.The above case was treated as per applicable laws.

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